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ZA True White Mineral Powder Review

HEy ya!Last month,i bought this compact powder From ZA brand..Im not that kind of person that wears compact powder actually,huhu,but i wanna try some..It looks like fun ya know,having a small compact powder in our handbag..Plus,much easier than having that so big powder in the bottle like..
love this powder..less chemical used..and good for my sensitive skin..wont clog pore of course..but it wont last long
hehe,so i give this ZA True White Mineral Powder a try..It is made in Taiwan.I bought it at Watson,Mid Valley for just RM50.Actually,I wanna find Neutrogena compact powder as i am a neutrogena's user..I have a very very sensitive skin..and my dermatologist suggest that i use neutrogena..but there is no neutrogena's compact powder in,that is why i bought this...
TAAADAAA!!!!This is the powder!
I love the compact powder makes me nostalgic..when i was a mom use that kind of puff..hehe
 At first i see this..I love the powder..It have a nice smell..and the case is cute^^dont ya think??
but when i start using it,everything goes wrong to my skin..Just in 2 days..It irritate my skin(T U T)
sorry for blurry can see the redness at my skin..
 Now,i had stop using it..If you have sensitive skin like i have..DONT EVER USE THIS..It said that it is dermatologist tested,but it still give irritation!
Thats all i wanna share..LOVE YA ALL!

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