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Nana's Diary : A new life for my blog

 Just finished editing,copy and paste stuff to renew my old dusty blog.Need a new look for my blog.and there you go.TAAADAA!It is actually a simple grey scale blog but simple is always better rite?Actually all of the HTML for the blog is from a great-great-greatest Atintory hard work!Thank you girl!You can always check her awesomeness at her own blog(see the credits).I did change here and there a little.Adding my own picture,cbox,link and all the things that i want to change.So,how is it?my blog is ok huh?

I always promise myself to write more but the blog will be left alone again and again.I wonder how some people can update their blog like always,usually,every time,everyday,every night.I show thousands of respect to them.Maybe writing for them is one of a their favourites.haha!But not me.Firstly,I dont really know what to write.I do write random stuff like exactly what i do now.and end up writing a story that is so bored even to me.

Teehee.Just wanna tell you guys about my new blog.


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