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First Impression : Enchanteur Paris-All in one Whitening Body Serum

*Wink Wink*
I been obsessing with the budget body and face product.All of it that i can get less than RM50.I buy Gel Tint,lotion,face powder,face mask and all yaadaa yaadaa which i can pay the cheapest price i can get.I'm not that cheapskate or stingy person.Just saving money a little so that i can shop a lot.haha.Today,like just an hour ago.I bought this lotion that is actually cost me only RM10.Can you believe that?!!

This is the special lotion that i bought.Enchanteur Paris-All in one Whitening Body Serum.I kinda in love with Enchanteur Paris actually.I love the long lasting fragrance that really keep me feeling fresh and smells lovely the whole day! Plus,see the colour?It is pastel colour.Pastel colour represent the feminine look of a lady :) Isn't that cute?muax!Although i preferred the bottle to be pink.Pink is always a good colour for a girl.Never gone wrong.
This body serum,that i also called it as lotion have SPF 24++ for protecting our skin from that baby sun.It is stated at the bottle pack that the lotion is for whitening,sun protection and 24hours hydration.This bottle only have 135ml.There is also a bigger size of this Enchanteur Paris-All in one whitening Body Serum but it is like more than RM10.No worries.It is still less than RM20.I'm not sure how much exactly the price but i can guarantee it is below RM20,maybe it is below RM15 if you are lucky.As you all know body serum do better than lotion on absorbing to the skin.As i wear this,the texture is very light,and you wont feel sticky!wee :)
You can read the labels for the goodness of this body serum.It is water-based,fast absorbing and have a lot of benefits to the skin.For the SPF 24++ is to protect the skin from UV.It is also containing Licorice Concentrate to whitening,and Hyaluronis for 24 hours hydration.Just write back what stated on the label of this lotion.he he.So,what are you waiting for?Grab this fast!Share with me if you ever try this :) That's all for this post.


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