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Nana's Diary : The Pinkie Story

As a women or girls,we must love pink,at least one fine day long long ago?Pink is the feminine side of a women or girl.Pink is sometimes referred as the colour of love.I am in love with pink ! When I was younger,i like rainbow colour.I think that rainbow is the symbol of beauty and rare.I wanna people to see me like a rainbow but when u like a lot of colour in one time.It is not good.Not showing the YOU in you.Sometimes when I wanna do some personality test based on the colour,they don't provide you with rainbow colour,that is sucks!Then the year past by,and past,and past by,and i change my favourite colour to pink.I think if i see anything(clothes,food(the packages) etc )pink is always my choice.

See that??I'm a baby princess of my parents!All the adorable pinkie stuff that i bought!
The Little Mermaid Princess Ariel Stoking ( If you interested,you can order,just comment :) They also have Snow white,Princess Jasmine of Aladdin)
The Korean Cartoon Design Pencil case
The Korean Cartoon Design Mirror
The Handmade Owl Purse
There is so much pinkie stuff  as I have to put all of them with "The" to show how special it is !

This is a cute pillow of Hello Kitty.I'm not really a fan of Hello Kitty.I love Melody more but This Hello Kitty I bought here is pink!Bought is at Kelantan.
My parents said that I'm wasting a lot of money for buying this because I already have a lot stuff toys at home,but I don't think so!It is super cute and fluffy,It can make me sleep better.Sleep better?Seriously?Ok,the sleep better part is just something that I write to make the pillow looks like it have a lot of benefits.Hey,I don't really know if I do sleep better with this or not but I can sleep early everyday.At 1am!

( > 3<)////////////

That's all.
Just Kidding!

I get my spec back peeps!weeeeeeee :))) *joy*
My long lost sadist spec that i bought before this spec,is been crush crack by a car ( I accidentally drop it on the road while driving ).And this is
<-----------the spec case!pink again..don't get bored peeps,it is my pinkie story remember?hehe!

 What is this??
Me in my new spec!How is it man?
OK?I really hope so !
That's all for now i guess?


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