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Nana's Diary : The Puddle and accident

Poor my little brother.My mom hates him.I know that.My brother A is someone who is very abrasive and grumpy but deep inside I know he is a nice person.I treat he nicely.I believe that someone like my brother A can't be treat badly.Being bad to him will not change his attitude but worsting him.That is what I believe and it is actually true.He can hear my advice,he said that I'm nice and he actually believe me to tell all his secret.Differently from mom,she thinks if my brother A can't respect her,she has to be rude too.My brother have this anger problem.When he is angry,he can't control it.He being rude,use bad words or cursing.I do get that too,If I have this cat fight with him.My mom and my brother A is like cat and dogs.There is always wrong with my brother A in mom's eyes and so do how my brother A think to my mom.There is once my brother A said a harsh word to my mom,and because of that my mom don't like him until now.She always think negatively.

My brother A want a motorbike because he need it to go to school.My mom buy him one but what I see since my brother get the motorbike.Every time my brother A want to go out with his bike.My mom will think something negative with that.She thinks that my brother want to go to his girlfriend's house,"merempit",do all sort of bad things!Today,my brother go to his friend house.His friend has "Open house".He promise to go home for his friend's house at 9pm,but unfortunately it is raining heavily when 9pm.My mom asked me to call him and ask him to go back!I can't even believe that!My mom thinks that he just want to "melepak" at his friend's house until late night!

When he already home,suddenly,he enters my room and ask me to promise that if he tell something,I won't tell mom.I'm thinking wildly....Did he do something bad!Then,I just promise not to tell mom as I really want to know what my brother A want to tell.Poor brother.He is accident in his way home.Minor accident.It is raining so there is a lot of  puddles at the road and cause him lost control. He get a cut at his hand.Thanks god he is wearing his helmet,only the helmet he wear scratch!If not,surely his face gonna bleed!It is all because he want to go home or my mom gonna be mad at him!
I'm kinda sad with mom on what happening on my brother.She can always wait for the rain to stop! (My mom do wanna fetch him at his friend's house later when he don't answer the call,but he don't answer the call because he already on his way)
That's all.

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