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Nana's Diary : The complain

<---- This is me when I am depressed this morning!Why am I depressing?I have a class at 8pm.I not that kinda person that can rush around,wake up at 750pm and have everything ready at 8pm.Not me.If i have morning class,i will wake up early,take my time at the bathroom.Sleeping maybe?haha!Not really.I believe that have the cold shower in the morning is the best for the body,to the refreshing morning and also blood circulation :) So,i want to have that cold shower,but this morning,the water is like super freezing that can make your body cramp.But,I need to go to the class.So,COLD SHOWER HERE I COME!Then,I prepare myself ready to go to the class.Since today is Friday,the day of the week,every week,so I wear baju kurung.When the clock is showing me that it is almost 8pm.So,I ready to walk to the university.And the part that make me mad come!The main door downstairs is locked!I don't have the key!So,how am I wanna go to the class?!!

I am super semangat to go to the class with baju kurung and so on but end up at my room,depressing,lying at the bed doing nothing!because of that stupid main door.Actually,the main door just have the new lock,so,we the tenants have to duplicate the key ourselves and I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO THAT!And now I am locked like a prisoner in a jail :( Basically,my housemate have the key,but she is asleep at her room and I knock and knock her door(her room's door) and calling her name,but nothing happen.

I don't blame her because she didn't wake up for me.I blame myself because I don't duplicate the key earlier!

I found this quote at NatashaHudsonInsta
"Makeup is directly proportional to insecurity.The more insecure you are,the more makeup you have on"

Auchie there~I dont wear heavy makeup like eye shadowing or blushing,but i still put makeup on my face,so im insecure?

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal or the direct translate is look-look and happy praying.



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