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Nana's Diary : The University Student Life

Yes,I am back.Back to where?To the place that i been bye-bye for 3 month.My university,Unimas,Sarawak. I actually been here like 1 month ++ already,but i just get my first chance to write this,today,after a while.Now I don't live at the college provide by the university anymore.I already being a grown up.Cheers!
Rent a room somewhere near the university(Its takes only 10 minutes to class-walking!Isn't that near?yahoo!)My housemate and roommate all are being nice to me.There is naturally are nice person,not only just to me :)

I get a new roommate at this new house.I call her,Abeth.Her name actually Elizabeth Rachel.Pretty nice name huh??She is cute petite girl that is madly in love with volleyball,and squash,just said it to be like she loves sports so much!She is not a single things like me.I'm kinda girly girl.Didn't do sports so much(She kinda busy with training-not usually at home)I choose to spend my daily life at home or shopping mall.That's all what i do.Boring ei?Not really,I spend my time to draw,writing,and stuff.So,everyday at home.Is just nice for me.

Everything is just nice for now.My life.My relationship.My parents also being generous to increase my monthly salary.Is it called salary?Whatever.Haha.

Sarawak nowadays is like super damn Hot!!I can tan myself just for 5 seconds!My skin tone is uneven because of this hot days!As a solution for it,I bought an umbrella :) A nice purple giordano umbrella.Unfortunately,It  just last for 2 weeks.I have this night class.And someone that is very bad and greedy and urgh! stole my umbrella! But then,I bought again another one,i cant stand the hotness!This time i have a black colour umbrella.Promise to take a good care of it!

Plus,when I bought the umbrella,the purple one,I also bought myself a diary.So,i can write the whole day summary in that diary!It is gonna be memorable!(That time I cant write at the blog,no internet)

So,diary is the best way to write!other ways to write

Enough for now.


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