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Nana's Diary : The Unicorn and Beyond

Im really obsessed with unicorn nowadays.As everybody know or at least the one who see me know that im obsessing?I dont know why.No reason to love unicorn.
"Life is too complicated,be a unicorn"
"Unicorn is really exist,they just appears differently in this world,they are grey,and they been called rhino by the human being"

I made a list on what unicorn stuff that i need!

1.First on the list issssssss......Unicorn sweater,a pastle one,of course need to be cute!and i already have it!wanna proof?TADAAAAA :)See that?Can u believe it!I got it!!Thanks to the generous ever person in this world that buy me this :) You are the sweetest person ever!Uolls wanna grab it?

2.Of course the unicorn itself,ok,not the real one of course,do u guys still remember despicable me?They have the Agnes unicorn toy?ITS SO FLUFFY,I WANNA DIE!I gotta have that!I googled it,and they sell that on toyrus,so,just wait for it!!!!Its coming!

3.Unicorn slippers-this one is kinda hard to get actually,still cant find one.Anyone know where can i get this,just tell me k?

Unicorn and beyond guys

With love,

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