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First Impression : Natural Origin Review [Natural Fruit Bath and Natural Day and Night Cream]

Hi guys,
Before I even start any review on Natural Origin. I wanna review on the goodvirtuesco. after using it for one month. Two word : No More. The shampoo gives me itchy scalp which is really irritating. Although the bottle is so damn cute and no sulphate and paraben, but i guess it is not suitable for me. That is why, I search again for a new brand than I came up with "the new organic life of me". Im not yet going total organic. Im a full time students and thats not gonna happen :( ...for now. But i start a little by changing my body bath,face cream and so on. 

Tadaaaa! I bought their Natural Fruit Bath and Natural Day and Night Cream.

Let me start with the Natural Fruit Bath.Basically, in my whole life, this is the first time im going organic. So, when I used the organic body bath for the first time, It feels so weird because there is no foam.haha! I am big fan of foamy body bath. Make me feel so clean but it is different with this body bath. And the smell is not so nice. Not that bad but also not smells that nice. When i first buy this, im expecting some fruity smell or something but nope. But the smell is so foresty. Is there any foresty smell term even, i dont know :p But anyhow, I love it! 
The price is RM 31.90.

Next page, Natural Day and Night Cream. This product have mucus coloured texture everything. Disgusting is it? Haha! This is the best cream ever. I just applied it for the first time and my face glow! Wow!! How bout the smell? This also have a foresty smell. The price is RM 52.90

I just use this product for a week.So, i dont know how good is it. Wait for one month later ya? Im going to review it again alright?
For now.

Just love It.

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