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First Impression : BRTC Jasmine Waterful CC Cream Review (KOREAN BRAND)


I have been very VERY busy this week with all of the HR related event as it is HRD WEEK. My whole week is all about-attend some talk from sort of companies and so on and so on. It is Friday today and now at last I have time to write! Yey!

 Last night though, I went shopping instead of went to the closing ceremony of HRD WEEK. Haha! And I bought some nice stuff from SASA.

Tadaa! This is what the title post is all about.

BRTC Jasmine Waterful CC Cream Review! 

Check this brand out (Click the link below) :
BRTC Jasmine Waterful CC Cream

Let's talk about things that they write in their website first,k?

Basically, the main ingredient in this CC Cream is Jasmine Extract, Lavender Water, and Blue Phyto Complex TM. Sounds like natural right?
This ingredient helps your skin to stay moisture and modified the skin tone. And as it is SPF50++ it provide you the UV blocks too. Plus, the SASA beautician said that this is waterproof.

Now, let's begin with my first impression with this product! I went to SASA last night with my aim of finding a new BB cream\CC cream that is waterproof and the SASA beautician suggest some of product. Of course one of them is this CC Cream. As I applied it at my hand to compare it to other CC cream, I fall in love with this BRTC CC Cream as it covers my pore, and very skin-like and natural at my hand (no cakey texture) and my hand is so soft! So, I decide to take it. My one and only concern is that is it gonna make my face break out (I have a nightmare with korean product).

As you can see this CC cream is white in colour. Not like ivory or rose but no worries as the colour blend so well later when you blend it in with the beauty blender or you very own little finger.

It is really shimmering which is I like as it will give you the glow finish! Fake healthy looking skin when your natural skin is actually dull and sick- that is what this shimmer does.

This is when it is blend. As you can see even at my hand, I have this tiny little pores and kinda uneven tone skin but when I apply the CC Cream it covers all of the things.

This is the comparison between with and without the cc cream. My skin glow and brighten! I don't do the waterproof test yet, so I can't say anything bout that, YET. haha! This is just the first impression. I will do review on this product again after one or two month of me using it. Ah! on face, this product is so light, and it is similar to the hand test but one thing that is not cool is that (I have acne scar and so on) and this CC cream is so light and it does not cover the blemishes (cry on the inside)). But since it stay really great  on your skin (for now-no sweating test one), my concealer can covers all my blemish and scar.
Price : RM79 for 35mg

As a summary, (like an essay) (to people who don't wanna read my poor skilled writing,hihi)

1. Lightweight cream ( 100% guarantee!)
2. White cream that can fit to any type of skin colour
3. Shimmer and glow but not making your skin look oily
4. Cover your pores
5. Brighten your skin
6. Not to forget how great is this product smell!!!!
7. SPF 50++
8.Suitable for sensitive skin

1. Not really good coverage

Overall, I give this product 4\5. Still love it even the coverage is not as good as I want it to be.

That is all about it.

Love, Nana.

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