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Nana's Diary : I am Back!

I have been gone for so long, I forgot what my password for this blog was and struggle so much with it so I though of change to but unfortunately, cant publish my other blog and I'm very sad. I cant edit this blog so I thought of make a new one that is much more cooler but since the is not working. I'm here.At least here,I can still post and everyone can do free reading. Why Why?? And I cant wait for the end of the month as MY POCKET MONEY!POCKET MONEY! I also have a lot of things to buy in my mind. I'm going to buy new concealer, new cc cream or bb cream and new highlight and contour stuff. I want to buy waterproof cc cream and they said that Smashbox brand is good but I read some of the reviews and not all people are loving it. I want my cream to have good coverage, not cakey, not to shimmer like my face is all oily like, and my face is quite sensitive too. Any suggestion? I am super cheap when it comes to product and what I want to spend on unless it is very very very working well. I am so good at buying good stuff for cheaper price anyway! All of the product that I'm gonna buy, I will post the product review later *Smiley face* and for celebrating my come back, I wanna giveaway 1 Bershka Graphic T-shirt for one lucky winner, do you want that to be you? Stay tune and check for my freebies post by the end of the month!

Comment below if you have any good suggestion of cc cream,concealer and contouring stuff :)


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