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TrialPOP GoogleApps : Dotpict

I create a name for my post related to testing something : TrialPOP! HAHA!

I am kinda bored since it is almost weekends and I have NO class on Thursday and Friday, Since I love drawing.. I wanna let the creativity in me overflow so I find an apps that do digital drawing. I get Dotpict! It is so cute and pink, how can I resist to download that?

Pic own by Dotpict

Here is the link of the app if you are interested, 

Dotpict at Googleplay

This apps is so simple to use! No kidding! Just My Tab don't have the pen so to fill the square to colour is kinda hard, the square is like 1mm*1mm. 

Pic from
 Basically, there are different pallet you can choose ( It is depends on how you want you pixel baby look like) and the pixel size ( This is what I said on the square thing, I pick the extra large 64*64 and the square is so small, LOL can you imagine how I draw using my hand ?)
Pic from
When you already finish with your pixel baby, you can save it by export it and it will save it to your gallery, I said so right, it is freaking easy! You have some option how big you want your pixel (32*32 or 64*64 or else)

Of course I do try it too! I even use to make it as gif. Just a newbie with pixalate making :p Excuse my lame gif. The Wing is like hilarious!
C to nananeoquera. Dont steal okay? Love you!

Overall I give this apps 4.5/5. Banzai!

That's all I have! 


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