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First Impression : Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit Review + Update On BRTC Jasmine Waterful CC Cream

Hi peeps!

NANA is back!

Last week, I got this Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit. I always get skin irritation with Korean product but it is only cost me RM20, so it won't kill you right? Tadaa! Here am I, giving it a try.

Bammm! There you go, guys, this small things cost me for RM20, can you believe it? It is quite cute though, Korean product always has this very cute adorable packaging that always make me wanna buy it. Good marketing, Korea.

Hey, let's see what Etude House give us with the price of RM20. There are the concealer in two shades (duh! what else?) and they even provide you with small tiny mirror so that when you are so lazy to bring that compact powder of yours, just use your concealer mirror. Just saying.

They provide you with two shades, one is more yellowish and the other one quite pinkish.

This is the application of the concealer at my very bad dark circle, the left one is the part where I apply the concealer, basically it does not cover my dark circle that well to be honest (maybe because it is cheap? and I don't know how to apply cream concealer?) but at least Maybelline has their concealer with cheaper price and can do better. Come on Etude House. Come on.


after even 5 minutes, the concealer goes all cakey.

What happen if I sweat? GONE! and I become full-time Panda back.

Overall I give this concealer kit 2/5 (still cover a little, have great smell and the concealer shimmer)

Yadaa Yadaa Yadaa. Not Going to buy it back, but I am going to try the other concealer Etude House have called Big Stick I think. Hope that one is will do better.

Okay peeps, that is all about it.

Love, Nana.

P/s, UPDATE ON CC CREAM : It is not irritating at all, but it is also not waterproof (So it does not stays when I sweat, emm but I still  love it ( i wear it when I don't want my face too heavy with product).

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