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Review : Kanebo Freshel Skin Freshner and Moisture Lotion

Hi peeps!

As for today post, I am going to review Kanebo Freshel Skin Freshner and Moisture Lotion. WARNING : This is not a first impression post.

When I am buying this product,  I actually wanna find a primer. I was wondering around Watson and The promoter ask : What did you wanna find? and Me like : Primer and she recommend me this Kanebo Freshel Skin Freshener. As you can see from the picture above, this Skin Freshener can act as primer, moisture and feel the refreshment. Kanebo claims that this skin freshener hydrates skin and will enhance effectiveness of the steps to follow. It is 100% natural fragrance, with keratin and apricot benefit, and colour free.

This mist almost half way finish. One whole bottle is 130ml and for me this last for 2 month (I even spray it at my body-everywhere I like) and it still can last for 2 month and there is still some more left. This mist is about RM49 and when I bought is last time, there is combo pact with moisture lotion (that suppose to be apply after this skin freshner) and it cost me RM54 (I think, it is either RM52 or RM54).

This mist is in this convenient spray bottle which is easy to use. What I can say about this product, it does not do much for primer. My make up does go cakey instantly if I wear this mist as a primer. Plus, my make up does not stay that long. I also didn't see that my face is moisture enough and my skin easily get oily if I wear this mist. This product did not give me any skin irritation though, which is good and that is the only good things that I get from this product. Unfortunately, I wont repurchase this product later on.

Overall, I just give 2/5.

Sorry Kanebo, this is not worth it.

That's all guys.


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